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Θέλεις να συνεργαστείς με το Penny In Wanderland;

Ενδιαφέρομαι πολύ να αναδείξω το καλύτερο που έχει να προσφέρει κάθε πόλη/περιοχή/χώρα  σχετικά με αξιοθέατα, ξενοδοχεία, εστιατόρια και άλλα!

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You want to collaborate with Penny In Wanderland?

Penny In Wanderland works with brands and businesses to showcase the best experience each country has to offer in terms of attractions, restaurants, accommodation and more!

Send me your proposal at

Έχω δουλέψει με/I've worked with:

-Prague tourism board (Η Πράγα από ψηλά/Prague from above, Η παραμυθένια Πράγα/Prague like a fairytale, Details of Prague)
-Miss Sophie's Hotel (in Prague)
-Walks of Italy (VIP Caesar's Palace Tour
-Madrid tourism board (Photo Diary: The doors in Madrid by night, Στο Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Μια ημέρα στο Χρυσό Τρίγωνο της τέχνης στην Μαδρίτη/One day at the Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid, 10+4 γιατί λάτρεψα την Μαδρίτη/10+4 why I loved Madrid)
-Madrid Urban Adventures (Madrid Adventure Tapas tour)
-Malta Tourism Authority (Πόρτες και μπαλκόνια στην Μάλτα/Doors and balconies in Malta)


-Reviews: I would love to review your hotel, tour company, restaurant or product

-FAM/Press/Blog Trips: I love travelling!! Most of all I love learning about new places and destinations, especially when I meet people that adore their place and want to show the world its highlights!   I would love to experience your destination and share it with my audience through blog-posts and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat) with my personal glance!

-Brand ambassador: Through a brand ambassadorship, I will promote your brand through a long-term partnership

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